• What You Need To Know:

To Register:

Online registration available until May 3rd.  
 Register for Discovery Dash Prescott in Prescott, AZ on Eventbrite

Manual Registration is also available, you can mail it in and save the online fee.  Or you can wait and enter on dash day, but you will not get a Discovery Dash T-shirt if you wait....ENTER NOW!

WAIVER - All participants please print out and bring this signed waiver with you to race check in.


A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to the Prescott Kiwanis Endowment Fund, inorder to continue to help the kids of this community in perpetuity.

Dash Day:

Team check-in will begin at 8:30am.  Late Registration is available until start time. Dash start time is 10:00am.  

Helpful Hints:

We do not give out maps or checkpoint locations. BRING ANY MAP or  MAPS that you think might help you find locations in the downtown area.  Remember the total distance will be 4-6 miles, so you won't be travelling far from the start and finish. Also you can use ANY means to solve the clues!  Laptop, Smartphone, phone-a-friend, locals, whatever!

Here is a BIG FAT HINT: Print or get a map big enough that you can read street names easily!

Hint #2: Read the FAQ and Rules below.
More Info:

If you can walk, you can do this! 

Event FAQ and Rules are here
Discovery Dash

May 9, 2015

Think you know Prescott?.....Bet you don't!

You and your teammate will use any means to solve 12 clues that will direct you to checkpoints throughout the City of Prescott.  Once you get there, you will have a challenge to complete, it could be mental, physical, or just plain fun!  

Teams will travel on foot approximately 5-6 miles and it will take from 2-4 hours to complete.  Teams can not use any form of transportation other than their own two feet on the ground.

We are partnering Tastebuds Pizza to bring you this crazy urban adventure.  The Discovery Dash will start and finish from the patio of Tastebuds Pizza in downtown Prescott. 

Teams will be made up of two persons 16 or older, OR one adult (18 or older) may have a 12 or older teammate with parent or guardian approval.  

Entry Fees: 

Regular Entry March 1st to April 20 = $30/person                 Late Entry April 21st to Dash Day = $40/person
A team must be comprised of two people age 12-99*
   Each person entered by May 3rd will get an awesome          Discovery Dash T-shirt.
Online entry will close on May 3rd. 
Dash Day Entry - No T-shirt....just fun!
Dash Day registration available right up to start time.
*Children aged 12 -15 must be on a team with an adult 18 or over.  Every participant aged 12-17 MUST have signed permission from parent or guardian.