2015 Discovery Dash Prescott Official Results
Place Bib # Team Name Name: Name: Time Pts.
1 76 Team Patrick Gus Brooke 1:34 11
2 73 No Use For a Name Jenica Nate 2:08 11
3 71 Trunk Monkey Jill  Bryan 2:40 11
4 81 Team Chia Wayne Patricia 2:44 11
5 63 Quilting Sisters Jill  Peggy 2:50 12
6 80 Twisted Sistas Shannon Susan 2:22 9*
7 82 Grutzie Sisters Gail Paula 4:04 9*
8 84 To Fat to Kidnap Rick Dana 3:13 8*
9 83 Short Stuff Karen Grant 2:42 7*
* These teams missed one or more Mandatory Checkpoints.
Team Patrick ran away with the Dash this year, as both local knowledge and route choice played
a huge role in their success.  
Last year's returning champs, Jenica and Nate gave them a run for their money though and 
came in second this year.
First timers to the event, Team Trunk Monkey, both from out of town, worked it out for third place.
Team Chia, just missed third place by less than five minutes.
Kudos to the Quilting Sisters, for being the only team to get all 12 correct!
The quote of the day goes to Grant from team Short Stuff, while working on the buckets o' flutter
event, he said to his mom, "I can't think of any better way to spend my Saturday!"