2014 Discovery Dash Prescott Official Results
Place Bib # Team Name Name: Name: Time Pts.
1 77 No Use For A Name Jenica Artlip Nate Artlip 3:08 11
2 32 Quilting Sisters Jill Marnell Peggy Claridge 3:23 11
3 7 Oooooh Yeah! Greg Kingsbury Sadie Rae Davis 2:45 10
4 81 Victorious Secret Shannon Byers Missy Gray 3:58 10
5 80 The Hecklers Carole Benedict Anton Teschner 3:20 8
6 78 Priapism Adam Harward Amy Harward 3:38 6
7 75 1 & 2 Lisa Olsson Mehgan Sweeny 2:25 8*
8 74 Summer Shandies Toni Surian Leah Webb 2:39 6*
9 76 Discovery Church Steve Lummer Brenda Lummer 3:10 5*
10 79 Team Globemallow Wanda Lou Woodbury Dave Leoffler DNF
* These teams missed on or more Mandatory Checkpoints.
   Team Oooooh Yeah! Came into the Dash this year as the returning champ and favorite to 
repeat. Another former winner Team Globemallow was eyeing the podium.  Homeowner's 
Financial provided all teams with fruit smoothies at check-in at Brick & Bones. We had
several first timers, and everyone looked ready and eager as we passed out the clue sheets.
   Three teams failed to make it to El Gato Azul during the mandatory time window, so they
couldn't complete the decision point task handed out there.  
At Lincoln School Mehgan and Lisa of Team 1 & 2 showed how well they worked as a team 
by completing the Block Walk task in just 3 minutes!  All 10 teams finished in 12 min. or less.
At Client Realty Shannon from Team Victorious Secret landed her hoop over the cone in her
very first attempt, while her teammate Missy wasn't so lucky, and walked back and forth 
from the line to retieve her hoop more times than she would like to admit.  Only 9 teams made 
it to the Hula Toss task within the allotted time window.
   Back at the finish we had 3 teams arrive before our eventual winners, but they had fewer
points.  Greg and Sadie of team Oooooh Yeah! thought they had a repeat victory, but were
incorrect on the Octogon house clue.
Jenica and Nate for team No Use for a Name, were the winners this year with 11 points, 
with the Quilting Sisters (showing their attention to detail), coming in second, also with 11
correct answers.  Team Ooooh Yeah! was third this year, showing why it's advantageous
to get all 12 in case you miss one.  
   Special kudos go to team Victorious Secret who demonstrated Aesop's Fable of The Tortoise
and The Hare, by finishing fourth overall even though they were the last team to finish.
   Thanks again to Sandi Collette at Homeowner's Financial in Prescott for providing all finishers
with a beer and a brat on the patio of Brick & Bones.