Discovery Dash Prescott photos are HERE! 

Think you know Prescott?.....Bet you don't!

You and your teammate will use any means to solve 12 clues that will direct you to checkpoints throughout the City of Prescott.  Once you get there, you will have a challenge to complete, mental, physical, or just plain fun!  

Teams will travel on foot approximately 5-6 miles and it will take from 2-4 hours to complete.  Teams can not use any form of transportation other than their own two feet on the ground.

We are partnering with Coyote Joe's Bar and Grill to bring you this crazy urban adventure.  The Discovery Dash will start and finish on the patio at Joe's, located at 214 S. Montezuma in downtown Prescott. 

Joe's will have food and drink specials just for us!  You WILL be both hungry and thirsty when you are done discovering, so plan on sticking around and enjoying the party!

Teams will be made up of two persons 16 or older, OR one adult (18 or older) may have a 12 or older teammate with parent or guardian approval.

Prescott May 12, 2012 - RESULTS

Place Bib # Team Name Name: Name: Time Pts.
1 134 Off2Race Rhonda Loos Mike Loos 2h17m 11
2 890 Team Globemallow Dave Loeffler Wanda Lou Woodbury 2h23m 11
3 147 Two Amoeba Kristie Stevens Mark Stevens 2h59m 11
4 143 2 Peas in a Pod Christine Cook Elena Parker 3h17m 11
5 888 Yo' Mommas Jenica Artlip Shyan Ingrao 3h19m 12
6 141 Team Peeps Pamela Peeples Robert Peeples 3h36m 11
7 150 Kat & Kent Katrina Lopeman Kent Keegan 2h12m 10
8 144 Team Chia Patricia Wiercinski Wayne Coates 2h20m 10
9 145 Quiltin' Sisters Jill Marnell Peggy Claridge 2h29m 10
10 892 Neurologically Dysfunctional Rob Hehlen Susie Hehlen 3h18m 10
11 889 Needle in a Haystack Lorna Galeano Luan Olague 3h22m 10
12 146 Reckless Girls  Michelle Malott Megan Malott 3h28m 10
13 142 82 Can Do Kat Camacho Ellen Blair 4h15m 10
14 886 ER Blondies Carol Devandorf Gloria Vasquez 3h29m 9
15 149 Short N' Sassy Karen Russell Heather Nepamucino 3h51m 8
16 891* Team Goldsmith Sera Goldsmith Dennis Goldsmith 3h43m 7
17 148* The Dominators Rick Carbone Deb Carbone 3h59m 7
18 887* Race Hogs Judy Denton Barb Steinbrink 3h25m 5
19 893* Team Garrezar Eleazar Nepomuceno Garrett Russell   3h47m 5
20 894 No Whining Theresa Hannibal Nathan Hannibal DNF 0

Note: Even though it did not help them, team 888 Yo' Mommas was the ONLY team to get all 12.

* These 4 teams missed one or more of the mandatory checkpoints.

Volunteers needed

The secret of a successful event is the volunteers who give their time and energy in a variety of ways in to help support it. If you are interested in helping out on or before race day, please email us by clicking  HERE Thank you!!!

Coyote Joe's Bar & Grill
Barrett Propane