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12 Hours At Night Mountain Bike Ride

Event Information and Rules:

Team Pit Area:  There will be a solo pit section and a team pit section. All pit areas within your designated section (solo or team) will be first come, first served starting at noon on race day, Saturday June, 13th.  The course will run adjacent to the pits and the solo pit section will be closest to the course.  Each solo racer should take no more than 12’X12’ for their pit area. There is plenty of new space for teams to be able to pit out of their vehicles, including trailers and motorhomes. Your team may position pop up tents, tables, etc in your pit area, but we are not responible for the security of that property. 

Starting Procedure: Each racer starting the first lap of the race must log in at the timing tent between 7:15pm-7:45pm, immediately after the pre-race brief. Racers will receive their wrist band at this time. We will use a Le Mans style start, where all lap 1 racers will run approximately 400 yards to their bikes before getting on their bikes.         

Log-in Transition Procedure: After completing each lap, the finishing racer must go directly to the appropriate numbered table and hand over wrist strap to the log-in volunteer.  The log-in volunteer will manually record the time, and then hand the on-deck racer the wrist strap. The on-deck racer will now be active and may begin their lap.  To speed the transition, the on-deck racer can approach the appropriate log-in volunteer when his teammate enters the transition area. Times for the next lap begin when the finishing racer hands over the strap. Wrist strap transfer at your pit area is NOT PERMITTED. ALL RACERS must have their wrist strap at all times when racing. Loss of a wrist strap will result in a 5 minute team penalty (this means your team's night will end at 7:55am). Teams must also purchase a new wrist strap for $5 before beginning their next lap. Penalties will stand even if your team finds your wrist strap at a later time.

Posting of Standings/Results:  Standing/Results will be posted between 10pm-11pm and then  updated as often as possible.

Transition Area:  At all times, racers must dismount and walk/run their bikes through the timing and transition area.  Only racers with numbers will be permitted in the transition area.    

NO IPODS: The use of IPODs or any device that restricts hearing is NOT permitted during any this race. This is for your own safety and for the safety of your fellow racers.

Lights: Riders must have a primary light strong enough to show you the trail during the night dark hours. Riders must also carry a secondary light such as a small flashlight, penlight or other lighting system.  Please make sure you have enough lights to ride safety!
Racers entering the course during dark hours must have their light mounted and be able to demonstrate that they are properly functioning. Riders must have their lights burning between 8:00PM and 5:30 AM. Riding with lights off between these times is dangerous and will not be permitted. Any team found riding with their lights off, will be disqualified. Riders may turn off and remove their lights after 5:30 AM. These times are subject to change depending on weather conditions. If changes are needed, announcements will be made during the race.
Each racer is responsible for their lighting system and battery supply. A generator powered charging station will be provided for all riders as a courtesy by race sponsor NiteRider. All racers should label their batteries and chargers with their team name. GO-AR will not be responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

Minimum Age of Participants:  Riders must be at least 14 on race day.  Any rider under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian, and MUST have ADULT support in the pits.

Mountain Bikes:  This race is for Mountain Bikes only! Racers with broken or disabled bikes may continue the race, but please yield to all riders if walking your bike.  Racers may use more than one bike in this event and racers may receive help with mechanical difficulties from any source in between laps (see ‘support on the course’ rule). 

Helmets:  ANSI, SNELL, CPSC or DOT certified bicycling helmets must be worn and buckled at ALL times while on a bike.  Racers caught riding a bike without a helmet will receive a team time penalty.   

Race Numbers:  Each racer will receive bike number plate.  Race numbers must be unobstructed and completely visible at all times while racing. 

Team Captains:  Team captains will represent the team in all official communication before, during, and after the event. 
Pre-Race Meeting:  The team captain must attend the pre-race brief from 7pm-7:15pm on race day.  We encourage all racers to attend this meeting.

Support on the Course:  Any registered racer may supply support on the course to any other registered racer.  Supporting racers must access the course on foot or on bike only and they must access those areas following the course in the racing direction.  No shortcutting the course and please yield to active racers.  Supporting racers may take any gear or tools with them.  Bikes may be switched out.   

Water and Food:  Water and food may be supplied to racers by anyone, anywhere on the course.  Racers and support crew should stay clear of the course when accepting water and food.  Please respect the nearby neighborhoods by staying out of them during this night event. Please respect the trail system.  DO NOT LITTER.  Racers caught littering by GO-AR staff will receive a time penalty.     

Aid Stations:  Because this is a fairly short and compact course, there are no on-course aid stations.  There will be medical assistance available at race headquarters. 

Permitted Course Riders:  Only registered racers, event staff, and permitted media may ride on the designated course during the event. Spectators may not ride on the course. 

Drafting:  Though not recommended (for obvious safety reasons) racers may draft any other registered racers only.  Drafting vehicles or non-registered riders is not permitted. 

Right of Way:  Walking racers should use the least ridable portion of the trail when being passed.  Riding racers ALWAYS have right of way over racers walking, pushing, or carrying their bikes.  

Passing:  Passing riders should call out when overtaking another rider with things such as ‘passing on your left’ or ‘passing on your right’.  The passing racer is responsible for passing safely.  When vying for position the leading racer does not necessarily have to yield to the challenging racer.  A racer may not, intentionally interfere with the progress of the challenging racer. Be nice out there!

Short-Cutting:  Racers MUST follow all course marking.  Short cutting the course is will result in immediate team disqualification. 

Course Alterations: We reserve the right to alter the course at any time before or during the event. For no reason shall a participant or anyone other than race staff make changes to the course.
Sportsmanship:  Abusive or profane language toward other racers, volunteers, or race officials will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for penalties or team disqualification and will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the race director.  Please exercise good sportsmanship, we are all here to have fun.  Bottom line: BE NICE!

Protests:  Protests may be submitted by the team captain to the race director at any time during the event, or withing 15 minutes after the conclusion of the event.  Protests must be in writing and include any information that will support the protest such as a description of the incident, names and contact info of witnesses, etc.  A $20 fee shall be submitted, in cash, with the protest.  The race director will investigate and rule on the protest.  The fee will be forfeited to GO-AR if the protest is denied or refunded if the protest is upheld.  The decision of the race director is final.
Consecutive Laps:  A racer may ride consecutive laps but must stop at the correct table and log-in after each lap just as if they were on a team.

Team Lap Requirements:  All riders on a team must have a lap count within 4 laps of the rider with the highest lap count.

Canceling a Lap:  Once on the course, a racer must complete his or her lap.  However, the team has the option of canceling a racer’s lap and restarting the lap from the timing tent with another racer from that team.  Teams should only choose to exercise this option if the racer currently on course in unable to finish their lap (such as an injury).  Any team member can cancel a lap by notifying the timing tent and signing that they are canceling the lap.  If a team cancels a racer’s lap and is restarting with a new racer, a wrist strap will be issued without penalty and the new racer inherits the log-in time of the canceling racer’s lap.  The wrist strap from the canceled lap racer must be returned to the timing tent before an official time is provided for that team. Once a cancellation has been made, it cannot be rescinded and the canceled lap does not count as a completed lap.

The Finish: Only laps COMPLETED (this means logged-in) by 8am will be counted.
Severe Weather: In the case of severe weather or another extenuating circumstance the prevents the ongoing scoring of the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too dangerous for the participants, the race director may call the race as of a certain time. Final results will be calculated based on each team's placement at the call time as determined by that team's last completed lap. This rule is intended to be exercised as a last resort when no other means is available to continue scoring the event or when the potential for serious harm or loss of life become imminent.

EMS Ghost Rider:  In the event that a racer stops to help a seriously injured racer which requires EMS response, ghost rider procedures will be implemented.  The EMS personnel will radio to the timing tent the name and number of the assisting racer.  Race officials will then inform the team of the assisting racer to prepare for the next rider on their team.  That rider will be allowed to start his/her lap based on the assisting racer’s ‘ghost rider’ lap time which will be based on the fastest of either the assisting racers average lap time or the team’s average lap time, whichever is faster. 

Volunteers needed

The secret of a successful event is the volunteers who give their time and energy in a variety of ways in to help support it. If you are interested in helping out on or before race day, please contact Dave at email: info(at)go-ar.com Thank you!!!